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Big Boogie, born on November 4, 1996, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter hailing from Louisiana, USA. Recently, he made headlines with the release of his new track titled “Enough Talking” on March 16, 2023, through his official YouTube channel. Remarkably, the song garnered over 80K views within just two days. He rose to fame in 2020 under his stage name “Big Boogie“. If you’re keen to learn more about Big Boogie Networth and Big Boogie Age, this article provides a comprehensive insight into his biography, net worth, age, girlfriend, family, and more.

As many are aware, “Big Boogie” is a stage name and not his given name. Prior to embarking on his rap career, his real name is John Lotts. The turning point in his fame came with the release of his extended play (EP) titled “Final Nightmare” featuring eight songs. Among the tracks, “Mental Healing” stood out and has been streamed over seven million times on Spotify. His incredible music has garnered immense popularity across various platforms including Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify. On TikTok alone, Big Boogie boasts 893K followers and has received an impressive 5.6 million likes.

Big Boogie Biography
Big Boogie Biography

Who is Big Boogie?(Big Boogie Biography)

Big Boogie, a prominent American rapper, gained social media fame through his track “Oh My.” At 26 years old, he began sharing his rap performances on Instagram from March 11, 2019. He affirms his American nationality. Notably, some of his popular songs include PTPO 2.0, Pop Out, and Mental Healing. His breakthrough came with the release of the “Pop Out” music video on his YouTube channel.

Name                              Big Boogie (John Lotts)
Famous                            American Rapper, Singer and Songwriter
Personal Life
Date of Birth                  4th November 1996
Age(as in 2022)              26 Years
Birthplace                         Louisiana, United States
Zodiac Sign                        Scorpio
Nationality                       American
Current City                      Memphis, United States
School                                Local High School 
Religion                              Christian
Food Habit                         Non-Vegetarian
Physical Stats
Height                                  In Feet/Inches- 5 Feet 7 Inches                                               In Meters-1.7                                               In Centimeters-170          
Eye Colour                          Black Eyes
Hair Colour                          Black Hair
Father Name                       Not Known
Mother Name                    Not Known
Daughter Name                 Raya Joi Lotts
Brother Name                   Not Known
Brother Name                   Not Known
Marital Status                 Unmarried
Wife                                   Not Known
Not Known                       Not Known
Net Worth
Net Worth                       $1 Million USD
College                            Not Appeared
Life Journey                     He initiated his career as an American rapper and singer through his YouTube                                               channel

Big Boogie Education(Early Life, College)     

Big Boogie had a tough upbringing in Louisiana, USA. He faced financial struggles and bullying due to a lack of resources. Eventually, he moved to Memphis, Tennessee, seeking a better life. Despite challenges, he found his calling in rap music and started sharing his performances on YouTube. He prioritized his rap career over further education, choosing to focus on what he loved.

Big Boogie Height, Weight, Physical Appearance

Big Boogie is a unique rapper known for his heartfelt music and songwriting talent. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) and weighing around 145 lbs (65 kg), he carries his distinctive style with black eyes and hair. This article offers a comprehensive insight into the life, career, and net worth of the American rapper, Big Boogie.

Who is Big Boogie?(Big Boogie Biography)
Who is Big Boogie?(Big Boogie Biography)

Big Boogie Family, Parents

Reports suggest that Big Boogie’s father worked in construction but faced occasional issues with the authorities. His mother is a housewife. However, specific details about their names remain undisclosed. There is limited information available regarding his family, including any potential siblings. Big Boogie has kept much of his family life private, leaving fans to speculate whether he is the only child in his family.

Big Boogie Girlfriend, Wife & Relationship

There is no public information available regarding Big Boogie’s relationships or personal life. He has not shared details about a girlfriend or any aspects of his personal life. Fans speculate based on the lyrics of his rap songs, suggesting romantic involvement with various individuals. However, as of March 2023, he is not known to be in a relationship. There have been rumors about him having a daughter, but there is no confirmed information on this matter. Updates will be provided if there are any developments regarding his personal life.

Big Boogie is not known to be in any public romantic relationship, keeping his personal life private. Hence, it can be said that he is single at the moment.

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Big Boogie Career

Big Boogie kicked off his music journey with the release of his first rap album, “Pain on Paper,” in 2018. This album included 20 tracks, featuring standout songs like “Life Story,” “Same Nigga,” and “F***ing With Me.” These tracks swiftly propelled Big Boogie to great heights of success, notably hits like “PopOut,” “Mental Healing,” and “Home Girl.” After the triumph of his debut album, he followed up with “Final Chapter” in 2019, a 17-song album. “Final Chapter” garnered over a million plays, significantly boosting his fame among the audience.

In 2020, he made his debut on YouTube on March 25, 2020, and uploaded his inaugural video titled “Big Boogie Road 2 Riches” on July 27, 2020, on his YouTube channel. Among his music videos, “Pop Out” stands out with a staggering 33 million views, followed by “Home Girl” with 19 million views, and “Moneybagg” with 10 million views. In 2020, he also released “Best of Big Boogie Vol. 1 (DJ Cotton Here),” although this album didn’t garner as much popularity as his previous works.

In 2021, Big Boogie dropped his subsequent album titled “Underrated” featuring 16 tracks. Notable hits from this album include “Pussy Power” with an impressive 11 million views on YouTube and “Lower Level Talk”. Moving on to 2022, he was exceptionally productive, releasing three albums: “PTPOM 2.0”, “Scared of You Too”, and “Off The Top Challenge”

Big Boogie’s rapping
Big Boogie’s rapping 

In 2023, Big Boogie unveiled a trio of albums: “PTPOMM”, “Finsta”, and “Definition of Big Dude”. Notably, “Definition of Big Dudes”, released on January 31, 2023, stands out as his most significant album. He expressed gratitude to YouTube for promoting the album on a billboard in Atlanta and for their support. Additionally, his album was featured on the Times Square billboard in New York City by Spotify. This tremendous effort landed him the 17th position on the Billboard for his new album “Definition of Big Dude”.

Big Boogie Smiling with his car
Big Boogie Smiling with his car

Big Boogie Shooting at Concert

On July 12, 2020, during a concert in Como, Mississippi organized by Big Boogie, a tragic event unfolded. A shooting occurred, resulting in the loss of two lives—Jasmine Bradshaw and L. V. Wilbourne. Following this, Sheldon Gibbs was arrested and charged by US Marshals for their deaths.

In April 2021, Big Boogie faced legal trouble again. He and around 20 companions were arrested after a shooting incident in Mississippi. This incident happened on the night he was scheduled to perform at Club Zodiac. A person injured in the incident on the interstate implicated the caravan, leading to their arrest.

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Big Boogie Youtube, Instagram, TikTok

Big Boogie has a massive following on various social media platforms. On YouTube, he boasts 457K subscribers and over 300 million views. His hit track “PopOut” has soared to more than 34 million views. Transitioning to Instagram, he holds an impressive count of 790K followers and has made 826 posts up to mid-March 2023. Remarkably, he’s been gaining an average of 700+ followers daily, a testament to his widespread success. On TikTok, Big Boogie commands a significant audience, with 893K followers and over 5.6 million likes. Even on Facebook, he’s got a solid 4.7K followers.

Big Boogie Albums

  • Pain on Paper 3
  • Final Nightmare
  • Definition of Pain
  • Underrated
  • Definition of Big Dude
  • Pain on Paper 3

Big Boogie Net Worth

Big Boogie Family, Parents
Big Boogie Family, Parents

Big Boogie rose to fame through his hit album tracks, and many are curious about his net worth. His primary source of income is his successful music career and live performances. If you’re seeking information about his net worth, you’re at the right place. He generates revenue from his songs available on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. With a massive audience, surpassing 1 million listeners on Spotify, his monthly earnings from this platform alone exceed $10K. Over the last couple of years, his recognition has grown significantly, leading to a steady increase in his earnings. Based on research, Big Boogie’s estimated net worth is well over $1 million USD.

Big Boogie Shooting at Concert
Big Boogie Shooting at Concert

Some Lesser Known Facts About Big Boogie

  • Big Boogie has a strong passion for traveling across the globe.
  • Big Boogie is enthusiastic about traveling worldwide.
  • Big Boogie has a deep passion for creating and performing rap songs.
  • Big Boogie is recognized and celebrated for his exceptional rap writing abilities.
  • Big Boogie thoroughly enjoys shopping for clothes.
  • Big Boogie takes pleasure in wearing rings, watches, and jewelry.
  • He loves to wear rings, watches and jewelry.
  • Big Boogie frequently uses alcohol and drugs.
  • Big Boogie’s preferred actor is Vin Diesel, and his favorite actress is Angelina Jolie.
  • Big Boogie is adorned with numerous tattoos across his body.

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Big Boogie smiling at his concert
Big Boogie smiling at his concert

What’s Big Boogie’s real name

Big Boogie’s real name is John Lotts.

Where is rapper Big Boogie from?

Big Boogie was born in Louisiana a southeastern U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico. and was raised in Memphis.

Where is Big Boogie from Louisiana?

Big Boogie took a hiatus from music but has made a comeback with three albums: PTPOMM, Finsta, and Definition of Big Dude, all of which he released this year.

Where did Big Boogie grow up

Big Boogie was born in Louisiana and raised in the tough streets of Memphis, shaping his upbringing in challenging environments.

Big Boogie Age: How old is Big Boogie?

Big Boogie, born on 4th November 1996, is currently 26 years old.

Big Boogie height

Big Boogie is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Big Boogie TikTok

Big Boogie is known as (@bigboogieofficial) on TikTok

Big Boogie Instagram

On Instagram, Big Boogie goes by the handle @big_boogie_music.



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