What does KMS means on Snapchat?

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Usage & Slang Meaning

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Snapchat can be confusing with its unique slang when receiving messages or viewing Stories. To enhance your texting experience on Snapchat, it’s beneficial to stay updated with these abbreviations. In sthis article, we’ll dive into understanding what does KMS mean on Snapchat and how it’s used in conversations.  

Snapchat is filled with its own set of abbreviations and slang, such as “S” and “FT,” adding a playful and cool aspect to conversations.

Understanding these slangs relies on resources like this article since there’s no formal dictionary for them. Constantly asking your friends for explanations might not be the best approach, so stay updated by reading more!

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What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat? Usage & Slang Meaning
What is KMS?

So, I’ll be explaining what KMS means on Snapchat and providing practical examples of how to use it. Incorporating these in your Snapchat conversations can elevate your texting game and showcase your savviness.

It’s worth noting that KMS holds multiple meanings in the Snapchat realm, adding an interesting layer to its usage. Let’s dive in and explore!

1.   Kill Myself

“KMS” on Snapchat is commonly interpreted as “Kill Myself,” expressing exaggerated feelings of anger or vexation. It’s widely used by teens and adults in various contexts to convey frustration or annoyance.

It’s crucial to emphasize that using KMS in this context does not imply a genuine desire for self-harm. Below is an example illustrating how it’s used?


Anne: Peter will be at the party too.

Karen: Gosh! I’d rather KMS than see his face again!

2. Kiss Me Silly

“Kiss Me Silly” (KMS) implies the desire for someone to kiss you repeatedly to the point where it becomes irresistibly enjoyable. Depending on the conversation’s context, using KMS suggests a desire for continuous kissing, adding a romantic touch.


Karen: How do I repay you for saving my life?

Peter: KMS!

3. Killing Me Softly

You use Killing Me Softly when you have no choice but to endure or do something unpleasant or uninteresting. But not doing that thing comes at a heavy price. Therefore, you cannot decide not to do it.


Anne: Did you enjoy your History class?

Karen: The teacher was KMS with his monotonous stories about 17th-century battles.

4. Killer Make-out Session

Did you have a passionate and intense kissing session with your partner that you want to share with a friend? Simply say KMS! On Snapchat, KMS also stands for “Killer Make-out Session,” signifying a heated and passionate encounter.


Jake: How did it go with him?

Peter: Oh, we enjoyed an intense KMS!

5. Kill My Swag

“Kill My Swag” (KMS) can be used as a playful alternative to phrases like “kiss my a$s,” expressing a sense of sarcasm or the attitude of not caring about negative comments.


Anne: Oh my gosh! Your T-shirt is so ugly! My pet wears a nicer one.

Karen: Oh, Anne, KMS!

Note: On Snapchat, KMS is commonly known for “Kill Myself” or “Kill Me,” but it does have other playful meanings, as mentioned earlier.

Distinguishing the Seriousness of “KMS”:

what KMS means on Snapchat
what KMS means on Snapchat?


Assess the ongoing conversation and the sender’s overall tone to gauge the seriousness of their statement.

Consider the Relationship:

 Your familiarity with the person matters; close friends may use such language more casually.

·         Look for Clues:

 Certain words or phrases may provide hints about the person’s emotional state or intent.

·         Previous Statements:

 If the person has expressed distress or emotional struggles before, take their words more seriously.

·         Reach Out:

If you’re unsure, it’s better to ask and offer support. Taking it seriously is the safer approach.

Remember, it’s important to prioritize safety and reach out for help if you suspect someone is in distress.

What Does KMS Mean on Discord?

While Discord is a social network, it differes significantly from Snapchat or Instagram. Discord is structured with various channels and groups, often centered on culture, work, or interests. It provides a space for people who share similar interests to come together and interact.

Interestingly, Discord users also employ slang in their communication, including the term ‘KMS.’ On Discord, just like on Snapchat, ‘KMS’ retains its meaning as ‘Kill Myself.’

Since the meaning aligns with its use on Snapchat, it’s utilized in comparable contexts on Discord as well.

How is KMS Used on Snapchat?
How is KMS Used on Snapchat?

What Does KMS Mean in Cars?

Can you take a guess at the meaning?

In the realm of autos, cars and vehicles, ‘KMS’ stands for ‘Kilometers.’ A kilometer serves as a unit of measurement, quantifying the distance traveled by a vehicle.”

How to Reply to Someone Who Has Sent KMS on Snapchat?

Handling “KMS” Messages on Snapchat:

·         Prioritize Context:

 Context is vital. Assess the tone and seriousness of the conversation.

·         Adapt to Severity:

Respond in a manner that suits the tone of the conversation. If it’s light, reply accordingly.

·         Conversation Matters:

The context depends on the nature of your interaction with the sender.

·         Take It Seriously:

If “KMS” implies distress or suicidal thoughts, treat it seriously and seek professional help for them immediately.

Other Slangs on Snapchat

In addition to ‘KMS,’ there exist various other slang terms on Snapchat that can make your conversations more vibrant and engaging.

Below, we’ve outlined and explained some of these slang terms for you


  • “In Snapchat lingo, ‘SU’ might signify either ‘Swipe Up’ or ‘Shut Up.‘ Its interpretation depends on the conversation context.
  • If someone is bothering you or teasing, it could mean ‘Shut Up.’ Conversely, it can refer to a ‘Swipe Up’ call-to-action for your Snapchat Story.”


  • “On Snapchat, ‘GTS’ could be an abbreviation for ‘Go to Sleep’ or ‘Good Times.’ The meaning depends on the context of the conversation.
  • If someone shares nostalgic photos, it usually implies ‘Good Times.’ However, if you’re sending random messages late at night, it’s likely to mean ‘Go to Sleep’.”


  • ‘GFY’ on Snapchat can have a dual meaning: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ for expressing annoyance or displeasure.
  • ‘Good For You’ to convey a positive sentiment towards someone’s efforts or achievements.”


  • “‘KYS’ on Snapchat carries a double meaning: ‘Kill Yourself’ used to mock someone for embarrassing actions.
  • ‘Keep Yourself Safe’ utilized to express care or concern for an individual’s well-being.”


  • FML, which stands for ‘F*ck My Life,’ is a slang expression used to convey frustration, disappointment, or embarrassment.
  • when things don’t go as planned, often with a touch of exaggeration for emphasis.

Snapchat becomes a thrilling experience for users who grasp and employ slang and acronyms. As they continue using these expressions, they become more acquainted with them. However, without understanding these shorthand terms, one might struggle to engage effectively in Snapchat conversations.

Wrap Up:

  • “KMS” on Snapchat can carry various meanings, and this article aims to clarify its interpretation.
  • The context of the conversation plays a pivotal role in understanding the intent behind such messages.
  • Seriousness should not be taken lightly. If someone uses “KMS” in a concerning context, it may be a call for help, and approaching the situation with care is crucial.

This article aims to clarify the meaning of ‘KMS’ on Snapchat. Additionally, to enhance your Snapchat text interactions, I’ve covered several other acronyms used on the platform. Feel free to explore them and level up your texting game on Snapchat!”

FAQs on What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

What does ONG mean on Snapchat?

“ONG is a short form of for ‘on God’ or ‘on God’s’ name, it is similar to well acronym OMG (Oh My God).”

What does BP mean in Snapchat?

On Snapchat, the abbreviation BP stands for Beautiful People.

What does FR mean?

“FR is a shorthand for ‘For Real’ in online communication.”

What does PH mean on Snap?

“PH is an acronym that means for ‘People Here’.”

What does OG stand for?

“OG is an abbreviation that means ‘Original Gangster’.”



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