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Spiro Agnew’s Ghost:Political Commentary on Twitter

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In the era of social media, Twitter has emerged as a potent platform where individuals freely share their opinions and perspectives on various subjects, notably politics. Amidst the multitude of voices on Twitter, one stands out—Spiro Agnew’s Ghost, an anonymous user offering insights on politics and contemporary happenings. This article delves into Spiro Agnew’s Ghost, unraveling their identity and examining the influence of anonymous political commentary within the realm of Twitter.

Who is Spiro Agnew’s Ghost?

Spiro Agnew’s Ghost
Spiro Agnew’s Ghost

Spiro Agnew’s Ghost operates as an anonymous entity on Twitter, engaging in discussions and posts concerning politics and present-day affairs. The moniker pays homage to Spiro Agnew, the ex-Vice President of the United States during Richard Nixon’s presidency. Agnew’s political career took a downturn when he resigned from his position in 1973 after entering a plea of no contest to tax evasion charges.

In contrast to figures like Stephen Miller, recognized by the handle Redsteeze for his conservative stance and active political commentary on Twitter, Spiro Agnew’s Ghost has deliberately opted for anonymity. The person behind this account has carefully kept their identity concealed, never disclosing their true name or background.

Even while maintaining anonymity, Spiro Agnew’s Ghost has gathered a substantial following on Twitter. Presently, the user boasts over 200,000 followers and is renowned for their keen humor, perceptive analysis, and incisive critique of politicians and current political occurrences.

Why Do People Choose to Be Anonymous on Twitter?

Spiro Agnew's Ghost Twitter

Spiro Agnew’s Ghost isn’t alone in being an anonymous political voice on Twitter. There’s been a surge in anonymous political commentators. Why opt for anonymity on a platform like Twitter?

Many opt for Twitter anonymity due to safety concerns. In countries hostile to political dissent, revealing one’s views can lead to severe consequences.

Anonymity can shield against backlash or harassment in Twitter’s often hostile space. For those with unpopular views, it offers protection from silencing or intimidation attempts.

Staying anonymous on Twitter helps avoid the distractions of fame. Users can prioritize their message over personal brand or identity, keeping the focus on what they want to communicate.

The Impact of Anonymous Political Commentary on Twitter:

Anonymous political commentary on Twitter has changed conversations. It lets diverse voices share opinions without fear. This widens political discussion and challenges mainstream views. But, it raises concerns about verifying information and motives. Anonymity has brought positives and challenges to online political talk.

1.    It Allows for More Honest and Authentic Dialogue:

Anonymity encourages open expression. People can share real thoughts without fear. This fosters genuine conversations on Twitter. It’s a space for honest dialogues without worries about criticism or exclusion.

2.    It Can Lead to More Extreme Views

Anonymity can promote extreme views. Some express ideas they’d avoid publicly. It might lead to more radical opinions than usual.

3.    It can make it Harder to Hold People Accountable

Anonymity hinders accountability. It’s tricky to hold them responsible for their words or deeds. In politics, this poses a challenge as transparency and responsibility are vital for democracy to work well.

4.    It Can Give a Platform to Those Who Would Otherwise Be Silenced

Anonymity provides safety for expressing views without fear. It’s a refuge for marginalized voices that could otherwise be silenced.

Jack Ciattarelli, the NJ GOP’er who lost to Gov. Murphy, will concede defeat on Friday, as there is no chance he can overcome the 74,000-vote gap now separating the candidates, according to two people close to his campaign. And he is not claiming fraud. What a concept.

— Spiro Agnew’s Ghost (@SpiroAgnewGhost) November 12, 2021

Spiro Agnews Ghost Instagram

Here exists an Instagram account with the handle @spiroagnewsghost.

However, it is unclear if the person managing this Instagram account is the same as the one on Twitter.

The Instagram account has a mere 6 followers and no posted content.

Additionally, it hasn’t followed anyone yet.

Judging by the low follower count and absence of posts, it’s doubtful if it belongs to the same individual.


From the details given, Spiro Agnew’s Ghost is an anonymous Twitter political commentator with substantial followers. Their undisclosed identity doesn’t diminish their knowledge and distinct view on politics. Many use platforms like Twitter to freely express opinions, and anonymity grants that freedom. Spiro Agnew’s Ghost evidently plays a significant role in online political discussions, despite their concealed identity.



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