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Roccstar, a singer/rapper, feels grateful for his Grammy nomination. In his career as a songwriter and producer, he’s achieved significant progress. The preferred genres of this record producer, born on October 31st, have always been Hip Hop, R&B, alternative pop, etc. Doing what he enjoys has always been his approach. We all understand that success is certain when someone follows their heart. Roccstar is now a well-known music producer, and his most famous song “Rude” was featured on Fifty Shades of Grey’s soundtrack. Additionally, Youngblood wrote and produced several songs on Chris Brown’s album X.

Facts about RoccStar Producer

Net Worth$3 million
SalaryOver $200 thousand annually
Income SourceMusic producer, songwriter, singer and rapper
ResidenceSan Diego, California, United States
Education (High School and College)       Hollywood High School
Height5 ft 10 inches
Weight74 kg
BirthdayOctober 31, 1989

RoccStar Producer Biography and Early Life

RoccStar Producer Networth

RoccStar Producer, originally named Leon Youngblood Jr., is a multifaceted artist encompassing roles as an American music producer, songwriter, singer, and rapper. Born on October 31, 1989, in San Diego, California, USA, RoccStar Producer was raised by parents Leon Youngblood Sr. (Father) and Ginger Youngblood (Mother). He grew up with siblings Swakee Leon Reid, Tenicia Bennett, Sharon Keiana Youngblood, and Skye Marie Gray. RoccStar Producer is also a proud father to his son, Syhre Youngblood.

RoccStar Producer Net Worth

RoccStar, also known as Leon Youngblood Jr., is a well-known American record producer, songwriter, and rapper. He’s recognized for his skills and has worked with famous artists like Usher, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and Jennifer Lopez, among many others.

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, various sources estimated RoccStar’s net worth to be approximately $10 million. Net worth figures can fluctuate and depend on the source and estimation method. For the latest and precise information on RoccStar’s net worth, it’s best to consult credible, current sources or financial publications.

RoccStar Producer Career

RoccStar’s music career took off when he signed with Primary Wave Music Records in 2012. An early significant collaboration was with his father, Leon Youngblood Sr., on the Maya Angelou project. In 2013, he began working with Chris Brown and notably wrote six songs for Chris Brown’s album “X,” including the lead single “Fine China.” In 2014, he continued his songwriting ventures, creating multiple tracks for Jennifer Lopez’s album. Moreover, he established his own company, RoccAge Entertainment, and achieved a major milestone by releasing his debut EP in 2015.

RoccStar Producer

RoccStar Producer has demonstrated remarkable versatility in his musical journey through collaborations with a diverse range of notable artists. He has firmly established his presence in the music industry by working with big names such as Post Malone, Fergie, Terence Coles, Prince Royce, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Kelly, Usher, Jasmine V, Kendrick Lamar, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea, Melissa Etheridge, Rita Ora, K Koke, and many more.

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RoccStar’s influence expands across various record labels, including Republic Records, Dutchess, BMG, RCA Records, Interscope Records, Capitol Records, ME Records, and others. Presently signed with Atlantic Records, RoccStar gained significant recognition in 2014 with the premiere of his music video “Confidence” on Billboard. Additionally, his soundtrack “Rude” was featured in the film “Fifty Shades of Grey,” underscoring his broad impact and adaptability in the music sphere.

Who is the Wife of Roccstar?

Roccstar maintains a predominantly private personal life. Therefore, any personal or governmental relationships he might have are unknown to us. Fascinating stories about the private lives of renowned celebrities are continually in circulation, but it’s important not to assume. While it’s evident that he keeps his dating life private, asserting specifics wouldn’t be wise. Past relationships lead us to believe he was once involved with singer Kris Stephens; they spent a period of time together before going their separate ways.

Rocctar Wife
Roccstar and Angel Brinks. Via SportsKeeda

Eventually, they welcomed a son named Syhre Leon. In 2021, after being in a subsequent relationship for some time, Roccstar announced that he was expecting another child, this time with his girlfriend, the well-known Basketball Wives star Angel Brinks. They had a boy, and Roccstar expressed his gratitude to Angel and shared a cherished picture of his son. It’s heartwarming to discover that the hip-hop celebrity has embraced fatherhood.

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RoccStar Producer Education (High School and College)

RoccStar Producer attended Hollywood High School, where he participated in programs focusing on visual and performing arts.

RoccStar Producer Residence

He lives in San Diego, California, in the United States.

RoccStar Producer Height and Weight

RoccStar Producer’s height is 5 feet 10 inches, and he weighs 74 kg.

RoccStar Producer Nationality and Ethnicity

He is an American citizen and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

Social Media Presence

On social media, this rapper, songwriter, and music producer has a substantial following, with over 300 thousand followers on Instagram, more than 50 thousand followers on Twitter, and active engagement on various other social media platforms.

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