Steve Lacy Networth

Steve Lacy Biography: Real Name, Age, Height, Steve Lacy Parents, Net Worth, Nationality & Genre

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Steve Lacy’s Basic Information

Stage Name:Steve Lacy
Real Name:Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya
Date Of Birth/Age:May 23, 1998 (25) Years Old
Occupation:Musician, Singer, Songwriter
Marital Status:Single
Height:1.79 m
Net Worth:$35M
Place of Birth:Compton, California, U.S.
Steve Lacy Networth

Steve Lacy’s Biography

Steve Thomas Lacy-Moya, an American singer, guitarist, composer, and record producer, he was born on May 23, 1998. Steve Lacy Parents were wonderful and a bit complicated in his life. A black African-American mother and a Filipino father.He gained significant recognition for his guitar skills within the realm of alternative R&B as the member of the group the Internet. Steve Lacy unconfined his self-produced debut EP titled “Steve Lacy’s Demo” in 2017. Ensuing this, he was featured in Tyler, the Creator’s track “911 / Mr. Lonely” alongside Frank Ocean. He also co-wrote songs for esteemed artists like Solange Knowles, Chloe x Halle, and Kendrick Lamar. His collaboration with Lamar bore fruit in the form of the song “Pride.”

Steve Lacy, earned an acclaim with a Grammy Award nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album during the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, all attributed to his debut studio album, Apollo XXI. Simultaneously, he made a significant appearance on the track “Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend. Another notable achievement was “Live Without Your Love,” a song he co-created with Calvin Harris under the alias Love Regenerator, which successfully secured a place on the UK charts. In his discography, his second studio album, Gemini Rights, showcased its prowess by reaching the top 10 on the Billboard 200 chart. Further underlining his influence, the song “Bad Habit” from this album soared to number one on the Billboard Hot 100, underscoring his rapid rise and triumph in the music industry.


Steve’s upbringing unfolded under the care of his mother, with his roots tracing back to Compton, born to an African-American mother and a Filipino father. His relationship with his father remained distant, marked by his passing when Steve was a mere ten years old. At a young age, a fondness for the guitar began to bloom in Steve, sparked by his fascination with the Guitar Hero computer game. This captivation drove him to teach himself how to play the guitar, setting the stage for his future musical endeavors.

Steve Lacy whilst taking and posinf for a mirror selfie

In all his recorded works, the guitar takes the forefront as his main instrument, showcasing his prowess as a multi-instrumentalist. Steve possesses notable proficiency in bass, vocals, keyboards, and drums. Much like his sisters, a significant part of Steve Lacy’s early years was spent in private schooling. Their mother endeavored to shield them from the adverse aspects of Compton as much as possible. During his teenage years, while attending high school, Lacy became a part of the jazz band, where he crossed paths with Jameel Bruner. This meeting set the stage for their eventual collaboration in the musical ensemble, The Internet.


Steve Lacy is proud of his diverse heritage, stemming from both Filipino and African American roots. Raised by his mother in California, he has a strong connection to his African American identity and culture. Despite being more familiar with the culture on his mother’s side due to her upbringing, he appreciates and embraces both aspects of his background. Lacy has openly expressed pride in his Black heritage.

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Steve Lacy Parents were amazing and complicated simulatenously. He came into the world in May 1998, hailing from Compton, California. His parents, Harry Lackritz and Sophia Lackritz, boast a multiethnic ancestry—Harry being Filipino, and Sophia being African American. At the tender age of ten, Steve experienced his father’s departure. Outside of infrequent occasions such as birthdays, Harry’s presence in his son’s life was scarce. Consequently, Steve did not form a relationship with his father and remained unaware of him.

Steve Lacy with Family

Steve Lacy Parents: Who are Steve Lacy’s Parents?

Lacy, whose father was of Filipino descent, experienced the absence of a consistent father figure in his life, being primarily raised by his African-American mother. Tragically, when Lacy was only 10 years old, he lost his father, who passed away.

Lacy initiated his educational path at Washington Preparatory High School and later transitioned to a private school. Throughout his upbringing, he emphasized that his childhood was sheltered, a deliberate choice by his mother to shield him and his sisters from the prevailing challenges in their Compton environment during that period.

Net Worth

As of the present moment, reports suggest that Steve Lacy boasts an estimated net worth of an impressive $35 million. The major source of Steve Lacy’s fortune is attributed work to his successful endeavors as a musician and songwriter. There are rumors that he engages in songwriting for renowned artists, significantly contributing to his earnings. He also collaborated with famous musicians like Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Kendrick Lamar have bolstered his financial standing. Furthermore, with approximately 24.7 million monthly Spotify listeners recorded in 2022, Steve Lacy has seen a notable increase in income generated through streaming. Beyond music, he has ventured into modeling, having notably worked with Louis Vuitton.


His musical repertoire predominantly falls within the realm of Neo/Psychedelic Soul. Neo soul, though   mentioned to as progressive soul, is a subgenre of popular music. The term was coined by Kedar Massenburg, a notable figure in the music industry, during the late 1990s. It was coined to promote and define a musical genre that blends elements of contemporary R&B and soul. Neo soul, altought has a strong foundation in soul music that differs itself from contemporary R&B through its different sound, by incorporating impacts from funk, jazz fusion, hip hop, African music, pop, rock, and electronic music. Noteworthy characteristics of Neo soul include its homage to traditional R&B, conscious lyrics, and a prominent female presence, garnering praise from music critics.

Steve Lacy’s Parental Background: Discovering the Roots of this Musical Prodigy

Steve with his guitar

Steve Lacy, born May 23, 1998, is a skilled musician celebrated for soulful music and guitar mastery. Let’s explore his parents’ role in shaping his musical path, nationality, and joining the internet. Discover Steve Lacy’s captivating family story!

Steve Lacy’s Parenting: A Melodic Mix

Considering Steve Lacy, the soulful musical genius, it’s normal to ponder on the origins of his extraordinary skill. Let’s explore the captivating realm of Steve Lacy’s parents and how they shaped his journey to musical fame!

Melodies in the genes

Steve Lacy’s musical talent is a family affair, thanks to his parents, Theo and Taleen Lacy, both gifted musicians. In a home filled with musical melodies, a young Steve naturally fell in love with music. Imagining little Steve grooving alongside his parents as they passionately played is quite the heartwarming scene!

Taleen Lacy: a serenade of keys

Taleen Lacy, Steve’s mother, deserves recognition for her exceptional musical prowess. As a skilled keyboardist, her fingers effortlessly graced the ivories, infusing their home with captivating melodies. It’s no surprise that Steve cultivated a profound fondness for the keys and honed his finesse in playing them.

The parental harmonies

Steve Lacy with his Mom

It’s not just their individual talents; Steve’s musical journey was also shaped by witnessing his parents collaborate. Seeing them blend their skills into harmonious melodies taught Steve the value of collaboration. Witnessing their seamless synchronization ignited a hunger in Steve to craft his own sonic symphonies.

The beat goes on

Steve Lacy’s parents not only nurtured his talent but also instilled a strong work ethic. They motivated him to practice relentlessly, refine his craft, and embrace the joy of experimentation and pushing boundaries. This ethos distinctly influences his unique sound and eclectic style.

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A note-worthy legacy

In conclusion, Steve Lacy’s parents were instrumental in shaping the musical genius we admire. Their passion, guidance, and shared love for music not only blessed the world with an exceptional talent but also filled the Lacy home with harmonious joy.

Now, let’s relax, play Steve Lacy’s discography, and embrace the beautiful symphony that is his life—a symphony undeniably influenced by the love, talent, and parental melodies that defined his journey.

Popular Questions

Are Steve Lacy concerts 18+?

Yep, some of his shows are 18+

Are Steve Lacy concerts safe?

Concert safety protocols are consistently and rigorously adhered to, ensuring the well-being and security of all attendees.

What are Steve Lacy pronouns?

They still remain “He/Him.”

Can Steve Lacy sing?

Steve Lacy is undeniably a highly talented singer, garnering recognition and earning a Grammy nomination for his remarkable musical prowess.

Can Steve Lacy rap?

He does more of singing. He is called a ‘singer’ for a reason.

How did Steve Lacy get famous?

Steve Lacy got famous notably after joining a member of the alternative R&B and soul band The Internet in 2013. His prominence further escalated when his song “Bad Habits” achieved chart-topping success in 2022, solidifying his position as a recognized and celebrated artist.

What irig does Steve Lacy use?

Steve Lacy possesses an extensive collection of guitars, with a notable preference for Fender guitars. Some of the favored models in his collection include the Fender Squier Classic Vibe Strat ’60s, the Fender American Professional II Stratocaster, and the Fender Limited Edition Adam Clayton Precision Bass Guitar. These guitars contribute to his distinctive sound and musical style.

Does Steve Lacy still use garageband?

Steve Lacy is recognized as one of the successful artists who extensively utilized GarageBand in their music production. However, it’s worth noting that he eventually transitioned to using Ableton.

Did Steve Lacy sample minecraft?

The 6th track, “2Gether (enterlude),” from Steve Lacy’s sophomore studio album is noted for its sounds, which bear a striking resemblance to elements found in the popular video game, Minecraft.

Did Steve Lacy produce gravity?

The song “Gravity” was crafted through collaboration, with DJ Dahi leading the production. Alongside DJ Dahi, who is also one of its co-writes along with notable artists such as Tyler, the Creator, Brent, and Steve Lacy.

Did Steve Lacy produce for kendrick lamar?

The seventh track on the album (eighth on the Collector’s Edition of Damn) this song was co-written by Kendrick Lamar, Steve Lacy, Anna Wise, and Anthony Tiffith. The production was primarily overseen by Steve Lacy and Anthony Tiffith, with added input from Bēkon. This collaborative endeavor resulted in the development of a captivating and thoughtfully constructed song.

Did Steve Lacy write pride?

He contributed his songwriting expertise to the crafting of this particular song.

Did Steve Lacy write bad habit?

Lacy co-wrote the song of “Bad Habit” along with Foushee, Diana Gordon, John Kirby, and Matthew Castellanos.

How much does Steve Lacy tickets cost?

Tickets for Steve Lacy’s performances can be found at a starting price of $96, typically averaging around $140.

How do you pronounce Steve Lacy?

His name is pronounced as: steev lay-see.

Does Steve Lacy play bass?

Definitely! He played the bass across all the tracks of his debut album “Apollo XXI.”

Does Steve Lacy have a wife?

No, he has not been reported to be married or in a public relationship.

Does Steve Lacy have merch?

Yes, you can find Steve Lacy’s music, including his debut album “Apollo XXI,” at various online retail stores and streaming platforms.

Does Steve Lacy play guitar?

He does, yes.

Does Steve Lacy have a grammy?

Not yet. But he has been nominated, though.

Does Steve Lacy believe in god?

Steve Lacy’s specific religious beliefs are not widely known. However, some of his lyrics suggest an interest in astrology.

Does Steve Lacy have twitter?

Yes, he does have a twitter account

Has Steve Lacy ever been on tour?

As of this moment, Steve Lacy is indeed actively touring, with 23 upcoming concerts scheduled across 6 countries.

Has Steve Lacy ever been on tour?

Yes, Steve Lacy is currently actively touring with 23 upcoming concerts scheduled in 6 countries.

Does Steve Lacy have a kid?

No, he does not

Does Steve Lacy have siblings?

Yes, Steve Lacy had two sisters, Kayla and Megan.

How tall is Steve Lacy?

Steve Lacy’s height is approximately 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).



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