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Stonk O Tracker

An unidentified developer created a web application branded as Stonk O Tracker, mentioning a genuine kinship for stocks. This podium has gathered significant attention from “meme-stock” aficionados on YouTube, Reddit as well as Twitter. A number of individuals have playfully labeled the tracker as “a website designed for and by enthusiasts,” encapsulating its lighthearted essence.

AMC Stonk

Firstly, an orange bar will be shown, displaying the message “Stonk time in Seven hours Nineteen minutes and Fifty-Four seconds.” This part is simply understandable—it work as a countdown to the inaugural of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Just below this left-hand bar, you’ll observe an NYSE entry indicating a cost of $12.78. This figure corresponds to the value of AMC’s stock during the period when the New York Stock Exchange was not operational. The abbreviation SSR, which also stands for “Short Sale Restriction,” refers to a measure aimed at curbing extensive short-selling.

This rule prevents short positions when a stock has declined by 10% or more compared to the previous trading day. Consequently, within the SSR parameter, the value hovers around $11.50 in Stonk-O-Tracker, markedly lower than AMC’s NYSE closing cost of $12.78. The header “FRA” on Stonk-O-Tracker pertains to the fee connected to exchange Stonk O Tracker AMC stocks on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The FRA is Europe’s is one of the foremost stock exchange, and the currency publicized is Euros. Moreover, the phrase “Calls ITM Expiring” is a feature on Stonk-O-Tracker. This segment indicates the count of “In the Money” call possibilities for AMC’s inventory on a particular date. More colloquially, these options are referred to as “calls,” allowing investors to pinpoint favorable dates for purchasing shares at a predetermined rate.

Indication from the tracker:

Should that date materialize, the expense would be below the open market purchase price for that share percentage. This variance, when held by the proprietor, can be retained as profit. Stonk-O-Tracker serves as a tool to apprise AMC and GME traders about the available quantity of stocks from each company that can be swiftly borrowed.

Short sellers, in this scenario, feign borrowing stocks from a broker. Subsequently, they bide their time until the stock price experiences a decline, allowing them to vend the stocks back to the broker, thus generating a profit.

A surge in shorting activity on a stock will lead to a reduction in the available borrowable stock. During distribution, the image below reveals a need for 400,000 AMC stocks. Yet, pay heed to the remarks from Stonk-O-Tracker’s creator. Interactive Brokers supplies the count of available borrowable stocks, offering the most effective representation of what can be borrowed from them. While it’s a strong indicator of ongoing events, it doesn’t encompass the complete extent of borrowed stocks.

To by-pass brokerage connection, shareholders can work with the Direct Registration System (DRS) to safety measure their AMC and GMEf stocks. This approach is favored by numerous shareholders as it thwarts short sellers’ attempts to gain control over these shares

The notion is that buyers of GME and AMC stocks would opt for DRS if it proves satisfactory. This strategy would complicate the efforts of market makers to lower the stock price.

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The “Tits-Up-Tracker” video display units have the following metrics:

Stonk -O -Tracker

The term “Reverse Repurchase Agreements,” often referred to as RRP or “Reverse Repos,” is closely associated with the “US Daily Treasury Statement.” The benchmark of Reverse Repurchase Agreements displays the utilization of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Immediate Reverse Repurchase Facility. Through this facility, the bank can borrow securities from its balance sheet, enabling it to withdraw additional funds from the system before subsequently returning those securities the following day.

The data presented as the “US Daily Treasury” statement within the “Tits-Up-Tracker” offers a measurement of the Federal Government’s activities related to currency and debt on what is termed a “modified coins basis.” Stonk-O-Tracker underscores its non-profit intent, stating its lack of financial ambitions. Consequently, it seeks donations to offset operational costs. “Currently, I’m managing well,” the creator mentions, recognizing the present stability. However, they acknowledge that should the platform’s popularity soar akin to the stock’s surge, maintaining its operations might pose challenges.

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Donations through PayPal are an option, assuring contributors that any funds donated will be directed toward charitable causes beyond covering operational expenses. This is particularly relevant for the average investor, who might struggle to stay updated on every trend or statistic and maintains a trading account of approximately $1,500. Grasping the precise function of the online platform can be challenging.

Before delving into particulars, it’s crucial to acknowledge that significant debate exists around the accuracy of Stonk-O-Tracker. It’s prudent to exercise caution. Even if the accuracy is confirmed, users should strive to attain more than a rudimentary grasp of the information before committing substantial funds.



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