All you need to know about the joke on Sidney Applebaum

All you need to know about the joke on Sidney Applebaum

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Sidney applebaum

The reference to the joke involving Sidney Applebaum originates from the comedy “Love and Death.” In this scene, a French general humorously asserts that his triumph will ensure his name is remembered globally as “Sidney Applebaum.” The true brilliance of Allen’s films lies in the presence of these elegant non sequiturs. The remainder holds surprises for Stefan; Bill Hader enters with only a portion of the script known to him. Unquestionably, as a comedian, this moment would have struck him as uproarious. As for the audience, their laughter primarily stems from recognizing the movie line—either they comprehend it or simply because it’s expected. The audience’s amusement doesn’t arise from understanding the backstory; it’s amusing for the mentioned reasons, related to the inside joke shared between Hader and John Mulaney.

Some of the reasons why the joke works are twofold

  • The irony lies in the audience’s readiness for the Jewish Dracula to potentially possess a name that sounds impressive, given the context set by the reference to “Blackula.” However, the outcome is a name that appears lackluster, unmistakably ordinary, and typically Jewish in sound. Furthermore, a significant number of individuals tend to stereotype Jewish people as notably conservative and pragmatic, which contributes to the humor, especially in the subconscious thoughts of many.
  • Moreover, the audience greatly enjoys the moments when Bill Hader breaks character and bursts into uncontrollable laughter. Conversely, it’s worth noting that Hader has garnered a reputation on the show for being quite susceptible to such instances of breaking character.

Regardless of other factors, Hader and Mulaney are undoubtedly comedic geniuses, having enjoyed a successful stint portraying the character Stefon. Our only wish is that they don’t inadvertently diminish the character’s essence. It’s a certainty that the audience finds immense delight in Bill Hader breaking character and bursting into uncontrollable laughter. Within the show, Hader is known for his relative susceptibility to these moments of character-breaking.

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In Woody Allen’s movie “Love and Death,” a character named Sidney Applebaum exists. This character humorously claims that Sidney Applebaum’s name will be remembered in the annals of France’s history. The humor predominantly arises from the contrast between a personal connection that the audience is likely to recall and the inherent lack of significance in the name itself.

What is the joke here on SNL in Sidney Applebaum?

The singular factor that elevates Allen’s films to greatness is the presence of these exquisite non sequiturs. It’s hardly astonishing to acknowledge that, as a comedian, this aspect would have undoubtedly struck him as uproariously funny. Simultaneously, for the audience, laughter emerges for two primary reasons: either due to familiarity with the movie line and an understanding of its humor, or simply because there’s an expectation to join in with laughter.

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Things explained in an interview:

Bill Hader expressed his reluctance to depart from ‘Saturday Night Live,’ as reported by the live interviewer. Continuing on the subject, the name “Jewish Dracula” Sidney Applebaum, though not inherently comedic, evoked hearty laughter due to its association with a cherished Woody Allen gag from the film “Love and Death.” While this elicited amusement, there’s a personal dimension as Bill ponders how his name will be remembered in history.

Sidney applebaum

In a separate context, Sidney Applebaum, codeveloped of Rainbow Foods, has passed away at the age of 92:

Inherited from his father Oscar Applebaum, who once conducted door-to-door product sales in St. Paul using a horse-drawn carriage, the grocery trade ran in Sidney’s lineage. He performed diverse roles during his youth, such as grouping soaps and bagging rice, working as a box boy, and delivering produce to the family grocery stand. As he matured, he established several ventures including Applebaum, Big Top Liquors, Sid’s Discount Liquors Foodbakets supermarket chain, and co-founding Rainbow Foods supermarkets. He served as their president until 1997. Astonishingly, he upheld the tradition of starting his day at 4 a.m., making his way to his office at Midway Big Top Liquors, a routine he maintained until just the previous week, as recounted by his family.

Wrap up:

At the age of 92, Sidney Applebaum peacefully passed away at his home on August 6, 2016. He gracefully fulfilled various roles, serving as a loving husband, dedicated father, adored grandfather, proud great-grandfather, cherished brother, and beloved uncle. Beyond his visionary contributions as a grocer and entrepreneur, he also excelled as a mentor and role model for many. Born on February 28, 1924, to Oscar and Bertha Applebaum, Sidney’s journey began. In 1945, he joined in marriage with his true love, Lorraine Smith, and they were about to commemorate their 70th wedding anniversary the next month. Together, they raised three children—Nancy, Jay, and Ellen. Witnessing his united, thriving, and happy family brought him immense delight. Above all, his character was defined by his boundless selflessness and remarkable generosity.

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